This is a passion project.

"It happens once in a lifetime and will never happen again"

This is a passion project, inspired by 10 years of creating gatherings and bringing people together.

We are passionate about meeting people and sharing deep conversations that ultimately can help each one of us learn, discover new things, and have fun.

This is the spirit that we want to share with the world. We aspire to help companies and individuals embrace the 'Ichigo, Ichie' philosophy when creating a gathering and bring culture, fun, and productivity to their work & lives.

Sabri Ben Radhia


I am passionate about storytelling and conference production. I already produced more than 100 events and conferences in numerous innovation teams of start-ups and large corporate companies.

At the same time, I am also very passionate about social impact and I volunteered with many non-governmental organizations during the past seven years.

I believe that bringing people together and creating meaningful gatherings can spark social innovation and lead to solutions to systemic, social, and environmental challenges

I want to change the world one life at a time.

Julie Mollon


I am passionate about traditions and experiences. I've started my career working for a French luxury group. I discovered that we refer to those companies by "Maison" and not a brand, which I found compelling as it involves a unique identity and savoir-faire handover generation after generation.

I am also very passionate about communities and cultures. I've lived 4 years in Singapore and had the opportunity to travel across Asia and discover unique ways of gathering, learning, and caring.

House of Ichigo is a unique place that provokes inspiring encounters and lifelong connections. It is the home of personal growth and professional development. Where all our unique paths gather and mingle.

A nature-inspired and fully modern work environment

Located near a forest, a castle, and a lake, the House of Ichigo is in the heart of the Burgundy Franche Comté Region.

House of ICHIGO allows you to disconnect from daily urban distractions to reconnect to nature's serenity, and focus on making your life and work better.

Forest within House of ichigo

At the House of Ichigo, we plan to offer our visitors a wide range of rooms, classes, and retreat packages, as well as a handful of amenities to help calm the mind and inspire the best work possible.

We have partnered with some of the world’s best experts in fields that range from mindfulness and nutrition to business procedures and adaptability.

Our team is passionately driven by the community and bringing people together to create change from within.

Ichigo’s main focus is personal growth and professional development.

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