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The art of telling stories

Stories help us make meaning out of the chaos of human existence. It provides a shape, so that our own lives have a beginning, middle, and an end, and we can feel like we've meant something, and left our mark on the world. This is why we tell stories, and this is why we desperately need storytellers. They entertain and educate us. They are what make us human, and not savage beasts of the wild.

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Judy Stakee speaking on stage Storytelling

Why storytelling matter?

Before diving deep into the practical part of this course, it's important to understand why we tell stories and what makes up a great story. Here is a glimpse of what you will learn:

  • Why we tell stories
  • The different styles of storytelling.
  • The clues to a great story

What is the Golden Circle of Storytelling and Why gaining Trust is important?

Simon Sinek said: "Always start with the Why!" and that's what every persuasive and impactful storyteller does. Here is a glimpse of what we will cover:

  • The golden circle
  • The science behind storytelling
  • Building Trust through storytelling
John Isaac speaking about mother Teresa - Storytelling
Sara speaking on stage Storytelling

How do we use Story Telling to Engage with the Audience on Emotional and Intellectual Levels?

We can't deliver a message if we don't know what makes it powerful and who's our audience. In this section, we will understand the key elements that make up a story and how we can find an audience for it.

  • The elements of a story
  • The law of engaging and persuasive presentation
  • Defining the audience

Hand-on Project: Get your Story off the ground

Most of the time, we have an idea and we want to share it right away! that's why we fail to deliver our message. What makes people like Simon Sinek, Brene Brown, Bill gates be outstanding storytellers! Once they have an idea, they search it, get feedback, analyse their audience, prepare it and then deliver it! You will use our framework and tools to build and take off your story.

Kary Bheemaiah speaking on stage storytelling

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Sales Managers

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