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Intensive courses designed to deep-dive into specific skill sets that will differentiate you in your career.


To build a different kind of future, we need a different approach to learning

The House of Ichigo has joined forces with the Ecole des Ponts Business School because we want to empower and connect people to accelerate their ideas and growth. We believe that there is a massive misallocation of human capital, and we're here to help people have more productive and fulfilling careers.

We designed a learning experience that is centered on four key ways of engaging, all designed to help you understand and retain new knowledge. In each lesson, you have the opportunity to see, try, share, and reflect.

Our courses

In the skin of a growth hacker

This course will teach you everything from rewriting landing pages and optimizing your funnel, to launching multiple acquisition channels and building a system to continuously identify high-impact growth opportunities. Your learning outcomes will help you drive growth well beyond your time in this program.

Define your growth metrics

Master growth marketing tools

Automate & scale your project

Walk away with:

Tips, tricks & tools to acquire your first clients, scale your project and reach your first 1000 customers.

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The secret power of storytelling

This course will help you shape your idea into a story. You’ll learn how to match your story to your audience's needs, build your story strategy, iterate and evolve your story through prototyping and gathering feedback, and hone your tone and style.

Defining your ideal persona

Defining the elements of your storyline

Building your storyline

Walk away with:

Tools, frameworks and the technical skills needed to tell your story and gain more influence.

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Skill Accelerators

Our short, intensive courses focus on developing a specific skill through applied exercises and projects that result in a tangible outcome. These are our upcoming skill accelerators courses that will be released soon/

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Designed for instant impact.

  • A unique format Built to take you on a guided, intense, transformational journey to solving a key business problem
  • Join a tribe of world-class leaders: connect with a diverse tribe of thought leaders and experts
  • Curated by experts and C-level executives. Every program is built and led by experienced executives from inspiring and successful businesses and organisations.
  • Raw case studies - from 0 to 100Km/h Learn with peers through live case studies. Apply immediately what you learned on your own company and learn from featured leaders across the fastest-growing companies.

Course Teacher

Sabri Ben Radhia
Founder of House of Ichigo

From a basketball player to a startup founder, Sabri has experienced different kinds of companies and industries. Yet, he has spent most of his time organizing and producing conferences and training for numerous innovation teams of start-ups and large corporate companies.

He enjoys working on multiple projects and learning new skills. He has been spending most of his last years training entrepreneurs & companies on how to be a better #growthhacker and helping them grow and sustain their digital marketing activity.

Sabri is passionate about stories and lives to tell, hear and help people shape their own.

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