Career Accelerator Retreats

Designed to accelerate the careers of top-performing professionals.

We design Career accelerator retreats as we believe that acquiring new skills is essential to accelerate your team and retain your top talent. Our training combines personal growth and professional development.

 So leave behind the distractions and quarterly pressures to think big about the future. Allow your team to recharge, innovate and build solid strategies.

The experience

Create a learning experience that aims to develop the skills and competencies of your team to accelerate their impact.

Bring your team for a 3 or 5 days retreat away from the daily distraction.

Design your unique agenda and choose the most relevant training for your team

Create a transformational gathering in a unique setting to ignite your team dynamic

The venue

Enjoy a nature-inspired and fully modern work environment that allows you to disconnect from daily urban distractions to reconnect to nature's serenity.

Enjoy a fully catered service by a team of hospitality experts

Benefits from a fully equipped conference room and an inspiring working space

Embrace our team building activities and bonding moments

The tribe

Get the support and advice of mentors and experts who have walked your road before. Join a tribe of world-class thought leaders.

Connect with an inspiring mentors and industries key experts

Get access to events, ressources and exclusive conferences

Get a long-life access to an inspiring tribe

How it works

We don't have a sample agenda and we will never do.

1. Get in touch

Fill in the form and tell us about your retreat projects.

2. Jump on a call

Once we receive your information we will schedule the first call and we will already make a first agenda proposal.

3. Approve the agenda

Now it's your turn to make the decision and approve (or not) the proposed agenda.

4. Discuss the details

Details matter. Once the agenda is approved we will co-design the retreat experience for your team

5. We have a deal

We will send you a detailed report with the goals, logistics and experience details of the retreat.

6. It's not you, it's us!

You have done your part the rest is on us. You just need to show up and enjoy the ICHIGO Experience.

Let's Talk

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